Right People, Right Message, Right Time.

By UTD Entrepreneurship Club

"The currency of modern business is attention" - Gary Vaynerchuck.  In today's episode, we talk to Joseph Alexander, CEO of the Uptown Agency,  a growth marketing firm helping startups and Fortune 500 companies differentiate their marketing campaigns and content through rapid data-driven marketing experimentation. Attention is a scarce commodity and if you are running a business, you have to look past traditional marketing techniques understanding that potential customers are going to be bombarded with information for most of their waking hours. How do we differentiate ourselves as aspiring entrepreneurs? What are the best tools to use? Listen to Joseph's take on these crucial questions and his insight about what growth marketing really means. Uptown Agency: https://theuptownagency.com/ Connect with Joseph: https://bit.ly/3fTh7jj Instagram @upncoming.podcast

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