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99: The Levels of Veganism

By Vegan Danielle

Raw Living Food Specialist, Nick Ferguson was a guest on Episode 9 over a year ago, and today he's back to talk about some of the "levels" of veganism. In short, here's the breakdown: Vegan: All-encompassing; anyone who doesn't consume or use animal products Plant-Based: This one has been skewed a bit over time, but usually means that the person is eating all, or mostly all vegan, but doesn't necessarily adopt the principles of veganism off the plate. Whole-Food Plant-Based: A lifestyle where one only eats plants in their whole form; nothing processed, no junkfood. Sorry guys, no Oreos or Beyond Patties here! Raw Vegan: A vegan who doesn't eat foods (usually) above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The reasoning behind this is that essential enzymes in foods are killed during the cooking process of foods. Raw Living Culture Vegan: Wait, what? Yup, there's another level to veganism, and probably the healthiest any human can live! Check out this episode to hear all about Raw Living Foods; Plus, how (and why) Nick chooses to eat this way! Also, LAST CHANCE to call in for Episode 100! Call 619-537-9516 to be featured on the episode! Nick's Links: The Good Life Podcast (iTunes):  The Good Life Podcast (Spotify):  FaceBook:  Instagram: 

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