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Kayla Andes - Growing & Glowing

By Kiara Q

Kayla Andes is a multi-faceted young hustling entrepreneur. As a talented makeup artist, she has worked for large renowned makeup brand names and department stores, landed her own freelance gigs, runs the Glow Getter makeup and lifestyle blog, and she just recently organized and hosted her very first and very own paid beauty masterclass.Her presence and social media branding is impressive and undeniable. But although she continues to grow her personal brand of positivity, empowerment, and sheer hustle- the journey along the way has been anything but perfect. Getting to where she’s at today, excited to announce the start of a new chapter in her career, Kayla shares the back story of getting herself to this new launching pad for her future endeavors. In the context of multiple setbacks and rejections, Kayla stands fast by her intuition and her extreme belief in herself to patiently overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving her goals. In this episode we discuss mindset, resilience, shifting our perspective of setbacks, and taking ownership over your wins with confidence. 03:42 Introducing Kayla Andes10:52 Getting her start in makeup and content creating25:40 The importance of re-evaluating career growth trajectory26:20 Announcing new position at Morphe37:30 On facing multiple rejections49:18 Bouncing back when life isn’t “fair”57:00 Kayla’s winning over defeat by creating her own opportunities01:07:12 Hitting rock bottom + Evolving with resilience01:13:35 Trying to make sense of setbacks01:22:20 Having an attitude of gratitude in the face of rejection01:26:28 Speaking positivity in your life with affirmations01:28:35 The reality behind using affirmations01:37:22 Taking ownership of your wins with extreme self-belief01:42:10 The fallacy of what success looks like 01:49:48 Blend the rules!! 01:55:16 Keeping up with KaylaCheck out Kayla's work and connect with her through her GlowGetter blog & Instagram!https://GlowGetterDiaries.com

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