Interview with Cindy Horn Kennedy and Lindsey Dickman

By Ross Marino

“Corporate America is reaching and stretching to be more inclusive and to promote the skills and the brands of women”, says Cindy Horn Kennedy, Founder of You Say Kennedy and Board Chair of the Women in Pensions Network (WiPN). That’s why Lindsey Dickman, Senior Vice President at Escalent and Co-Chair of the Atlanta regional WiPN chapter, approached WiPN with the idea of amplifying the voices of members of WiPN through a research project. Two years later, the research report is complete, and it has yielded some fascinating data about women in the retirement field. What did the research show about how women in our industry view their job satisfaction, and what does that mean business owners should focus on to best retain top female talent? What surprising percentage of the burden of household tasks (still!) disproportionally falls on women, and what might that mean for the level of training and continuing professional development women in our industry have access to? What percentage of women feel that it is difficult speaking up and feeling heard in their workplace, and how can business owners respond to this information to create a culture of open communication? How can leaders of a firm manage virtual and in-person staff meetings better to ensure that diverse opinions and viewpoints are captured? What did the data from the research study show about women of color regarding pay, retention, and career satisfaction? What specifically are women looking for men to provide in a mentorship or sponsorship? What was the biggest surprise that came out of the research? The WiPN research project magnified some things we all have known, brought out some surprises, and highlighted some great news about women in our industry! Resources: Learn more: Women in Pensions Network

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