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012: Email Marketing for Artists

By Artist Miriam Schulman

Email marketing has really made a difference in my own art business. Although there are a lot of experts out there giving advice about email, how do you build a list when you’re a visual artist? When a lot of your interaction with customers is in person, how do you encourage them to sign up for your email list?   In this podcast, you will discover... 5 ways to get people to join your emailing list What you should be emailing to your list What software to use to help you do all this. To get your freebie go to to get links to everything I use for printing and photographing   (02:10) A typical situation where someone is viewing your art in person and asks for your business card (03:16) How Miriam gets people she meets in person on her mailing list (04:34) Miriam describes her sign-up postcards (06:52) Do mailing lists actually lead to sales? (07:25) How MailChimp works (09:37) Keeping track of your former customers (11:25) How to choose which email marketing program to use (11:52) The problems with using a spreadsheet to keep track of your mailing list (13:08) Strategies to get people to join your list (15:07) Things that don’t work (15:49) More ideas for getting people on your list (18:46) Why you should build an email list and stay in touch with your customers (21:17) Why you shouldn’t be afraid of emailing people (22:04) How often you should be emailing your list (22:56) What you should be sending to your list    Other links mentioned: Artwork archive: MailChimp:

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