12: Empowering girls through design education, with Sisterhood

Design For The People

Apr 27

59 min 55 sec

On this episode of Design For The People, I’m joined by Rebecca Thomson & Rachita Saraogi, the co-founders of Sisterhood.Sisterhood is an award-winning grassroots organisation and a creative design programme for young women aged 13-17 to unleash their creative confidence in order to help realise their full potential.Sisterhood achieves this through design education. Empowering girls to become future leaders, creators and changemakers. Their mission is delivered through a mix of workshops, school programmes, projects and events. We discuss what led to the formation of Sisterhood, how design can play a pivotal role in growth and development, and the importance of showing up. Full episode notes & links at https://bunbury.co/empowering-girls-design-educationSee more from Sisterhood at https://www.oursisterhood.co.uk, and follow them @oursisterhood.Design For The People is a podcast hosted by Graphic Designer and Consultant Greg Bunbury (@gregbunbury), in conversation with the inspiring minds, using design and creativity towards social change. Making a positive difference in our lives, our communities, and the world. Find more episodes at bunbury.co/podcastMusic: ‘Night Shift (All Night Long)’ by Reduxe & ‘Skylight’ by Reduxe (© Ombre Audio, all rights reserved, used with permission).Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/design-for-the-people/donations

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