Finding the Unfindable with Everlaw

By Mission

Imagine this: You’re working on a jigsaw puzzle. It’s 1,000 pieces and you’re methodically going through them all, connecting what goes together, maybe categorizing the different types, colors, and patterns. And, while you’re doing this, all of a sudden that 1,000-piece puzzle becomes a 1,500-piece puzzle. And, oh yeah, the picture has changed. And this keeps happening over, and over, and over again. It would drive you crazy. But unfortunately, for business owners and business professionals, this story is one that’s all too familiar. In the legal profession the ever-expanding jigsaw puzzle is the hunt for evidence that can make or break a case.  But finding the smoking gun is like searching for a needle in a haystack and most of the time, you don’t even know what the needle looks like. AJ Shanker is the Founder and CEO of Everlaw, a legal tech company that is taking these impossible tasks out of the hands of lawyers and is spinning the haystacks into gold. How does it do that? Find out on Business X factors.  Main Takeaways: Side Hustles As Main Hustles: Conventional wisdom says we should not be sidetracked by shiny objects and that we should laser focus on a single goal. But side hustles or projects don’t need to be a distraction because some of the world’s most successful companies have started out as side projects. Twitter, Houzz, and Craigslist fall in this category. The jobs we take on to make some extra cash, pursue a passion or take because it was available, could be an inspiration for a whole new career. Your skills could be exactly what an industry far out of your comfort zone needs. Side projects could be an incredible source of inspiration and it could be a better idea than the one you have been pursuing. Naivety as a Superpower: People are often labeled as naïve when they are inexperienced in a particular field or when they lack strict adherence to ideals or rules. But in the business world, naivety or cluelessness can sometimes be an asset because it gives you a perspective that others who are well-versed in the area often miss. Naivety should not be confused with stupidity or ignorance. Richard Branson has often been accused of making naïve or flaky decisions. Branson has tried many things for fun and worked like crazy to make them happen. The secret is to be intelligently naïve leaving room for curiosity, learning and experimentation, and observation that others closer to an industry may not see. Partner with an Engineer: When people of the same discipline get together to solve problems, particularly when they are big problems, it could be useful to borrow from other industries and bring systems engineering that is well-known in the space industry into the process.---Business X factors is produced by and brought to you by Hyland. For over a decade, Hyland has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, leading the way to help people get the information they need when and where they need it. More than half of 2019 Fortune 100 companies rely on Hyland to help them create more meaningful connections with the people they serve. When your focus is on the people you serve, Hyland stands behind you. Hyland is your X factor for better performance. Go to to learn more.

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