Wake Up And Walk (A Call To This Generation) with Maddie Rey

Dressed for Battle Podcast

Mar 2020

38 min 26 sec

You’ve probably seen the term “Godfidence” floating around on the pages of your favorite Christian influencers. It’s the act of putting complete faith and confidence in Christ than ourselves. Today’s featured warrior woman will not only explain what this concept means to her but also, lives it. Maddie Rey is a 21 year old Christian Recording Artist, Youth Speaker, Performer, Dancer, Actress, YouTuber, and overall Influencer and you guys... This girl is literally on fire for God. You will feel the heat and the passion she has to lead this generation to the throne of God where they can encounter Him and experience Him like never before! Topics we discuss: Running away from God vs what it means to dwell Growing up without a best friend until the Holy Spirit fulfilled that role for her Depression and perversion Confidence, identity and living our lives as true daughters of the King #CLAIMYOURCROWN sis. It’s time to awaken and arise. Let’s walk into the true knowledge of who we are! Maddie’s Website: https://www.maddierey.com Maddie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmaddierey/ Claim Your Crown book: http://amzn.to/2M7zoga Free Claim Your Crown Bible Plan: https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/18189 My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adornedinarmor/ FB Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/354806811973039/ *About Dressed for Battle Podcast:* Here on the show, we talk about the struggles we’re dealing with NOW. Oftentimes, we focus on success stories and the breakthrough at the end of the pain. But I want to share the stories of those who have the testimony in the making. I want to share the weapons and armor we as women could use to fight back in the middle of the battle. It’s the fight for our lives and we’re doing it together. I love this podcast so much I get to show everyone that millennial and gen z women of GOD EXIST. Every episode, I have interviewed warrior women who have exposed what she’s struggling with at the moment. No topic left untouched. We’ll laugh, we cry. in sharing our stories, we’ll not only help our sisters but give God the glory. 💓 HELP ME SHARE GOD'S LOVE 💓 www.patreon.com/adorned www.paypal.me/tladorned ✨ ARMOR UP, GIRL! ✨ 💌 Join The Armory newsletter list: bit.ly/armoryletter 💌 You'll receive biweekly encouraging emails where I share the secret weapons you need to conquer life with Christ. Think of having your own cheerleader in your inbox! ⚔️DOWNLOAD AND REVIEW DFB PODCAST⚔️ https://link.chtbl.com/dressedforbattle BOOK ME: hi@adornedinarmor.com Blog → adornedinarmor.com Insta → instagram.com/adornedinarmor Tweet Me → twitter.com/adornedinarmor Pin With Me → pinterest.com/adornedinarmor Facebook → facebook.com/adornedinarmor AMAZON: bit.ly/amazoncrown BARNES & NOBLE: bit.ly/bncycrown For more about my book: adornedinarmor.com/claim-your-crown

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