DT 080: Give Yourself Fully with Mathieu Boldron

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

Mathieu Boldron (@mathieuboldronyoga on Instagram) is a traveling yogi and community builder who teaches yoga teacher trainings and continuing education programs around the world. He discovered yoga while pursuing a career in musical theatre and later turned his full attention to the practice as a means for healing after exhausting his vocal cords. Now, he is co-owner of Lomey Yoga School, a yoga studio in Paris that applies modern techniques to ancient yoga.    In this episode, you’ll hear from Mathieu on:   [07.52] His career as a performer in hit musical shows such as The Lion King and Sister Act. He explains how, as an actor and singer, he felt that something was missing from his life until his discovery of yoga gave him a deeper sense of truth and purpose.   [17.53] Mathieu’s realization that he wanted to share the healing power of yoga with others after successfully healing his damaged vocal cords with pranayama breathing and backbends. He describes his transition from performer to yoga teacher and compares the actor’s experience of total immersion in a character to the yogic sensation of being present in the moment.      [22.56] Creating his own style from experimenting with many different types of yoga and integrating elements from other disciplines into his practice. Mathieu’s style is constantly evolving but he is currently focusing on Kriya Yoga, pranayama breathing and movement influenced by the Ido Portal program.   [29.07] The Paris Yoga Conference in June 2020. An event instigated by Mathieu and the Lomey Yoga Studio in order to give yoga teachers from around the world the opportunity to connect and work together.    [45.52] Mathieu discusses the power of positive thinking and the practice of turning apparent obstacles and setbacks into opportunities to learn and to grow. He believes his dharma is to follow whatever life sends him and share what he has learned from yoga with others.     Announcements:  Reconnect to your divine Self this December. Join me and Veronica Lombo on an immersive retreat in Bali: https://henrywins.com/bali/  Join me for upcoming workshops: https://henrywins.com/events/   Links from this episode:  Paris Yoga Conference  Lomey Yoga Studio  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda - Grab a copy of Mathieu’s recommended book Looking for your next book to read? Check out the list of every book recommended on Dharma Talk    Get in touch with Mathieu:  https://www.mathieuboldron.com – Check out Mathieu’s schedule and upcoming retreats.   Follow @mathieuboldronyoga on Instagram   Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate   Credits: Music by Momentology (@momentologymusic) Production and audio engineering by Ease of Mind  

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