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086-Thrive with PCOS with the PCOS Diva Amy Medling

By Stephanie Dodier: Clinical Nutritionist, Food Cravings & Weight Loss Expert

More then 50% of the women affected by PCOS,  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are not diagnosed by their doctor.  PCOS  In this episode Amy Medling, The PCOS Diva is teaching us how to identify the symptoms associated with PCOS and the top 4 steps you can take to take control of your hormonal imbalances and PCOS all with the mindset of being the Diva of our health. The last episode, we talked about being in a funk... have you ever been there? I sure did and likely will again because you know what it;s totally normal!  Now the important part is how to get out of it and this is what we talked about in this coaching episode.  You can listen to the episode here. Next episode 87 will be talking about perfectionism... and that's a big one. In this community this is very prevalent... unfortunately most aren't aware of this pattern which leads to all kind of suffering. In this episode will talk not only what it is but also how to overcome it in 4 steps.  Be sure to check back every Sunday and Thursday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes to subscribe so we can freshly deliver a new episode directly to your device. If you enjoy the show and would love to encourage me and support my work, leave me an honest review using this link. For a podcaster like me, reviews are like fuel. I would appreciate hearing from you more than I could possibly say! Here’s a quick tutorial on “How to leave a review”! Links mentioned in this episode:   PCOS Diva program :  discount code JSDEAL for 15 % off before August 31st 2017.  PCOS Diva website: Safe Skin Care community: The Crave Cure: How you can reach Stephanie: Website: FB: Instagram: You tube: Email: Got a question for Stephanie you’d like her to answer about food restriction, or just want to join our community of women? Our free and private community: If you haven't yet downloaded my Crave Cure Guide, you might want to do this while you listen to this week’s episode. Sponsor Beauty Counter Clean Beauty. Better Beauty. Safer Beauty. BeautyCounter's mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. ***For your information – some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so will NOT entail any additional cost to you, but will help me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so***

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