Episode 0 - What is The Goods?

By The Goods Podcast

The Goods Podcast is all about documenting people's journeys in doing good. But what is 'Good'?  To me the word Good means different things to different people, and we'll explore that in this podcast. The Goods Podcast will heavily weight in the category of social and environmental good in business, adventure and activism - giving both well known, and not so well known people a voice.  We'll be hearing from people who are leading the charge in positive social or environmental good, and I can promise they all have brilliant stories from past and present. Trust me on this one though, there's heaps of inspiration that comes with their wise stories.  The guests I’ll be interviewing also have a unique perspective on the future, and we'll explore elements of their predictions, whilst also looking at their lightbulb moments and influences through growing up and their careers. If you have have any thoughts, please get in touch - and thanks for joining me on this journey. Listen along, shape what good means to you and take that into your personal lives or workplace.  We would love a rating and feedback, so get in touch via @thegoodspodcast Instagram or communicate directly with me at joss@enviral.co.uk Bye world… and thanks for listening.

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