Ep 43: Jean-Philippe Soulé - Author, Adventurer, and the Ultra Bike Pursuit

The Ultra Cycling Show

Dec 2020

1 hr 11 min

Jean-Philippe Soulé has led a marvelously colorful life. In this episode, we hear from Jean-Phi from the perspective of award-winning author, travel-adventurer, athlete, humanitarian, photographer, and motivational speaker.

Jean-Philippe ran ultra-marathons as a teenager, served in the elite Mountain Commando Special Forces of the French Army, worked as a mountain guide in rescue operations, taught ice-diving as a Master-Scuba-Diver-Trainer in the USA, raced cross-country ski marathons in Japan, became Japan cycling prologue national champion at a UCI Asia tour race, and sea-kayaked 3,000 miles while free-diving to spear his daily food. He is also a national USA cycling coach and licensed French guide organizing bicycle tours in the most spectacular mountains of Europe.

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