EP. 67 – Brexit in the time of Covid

The Hearing – A Legal Podcast

Dec 2020

34 min 50 sec

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – Although we're being playful with the title, there are some comparisons to be drawn between this episode and Gabriel García Márquez's classic novel Love in a Time of Cholera. We're covering issues of epic proportions, and it does feel like Brexit and Covid have both spanned several lifetimes. Our host Becky Annison isn't one to romanticise, but she does look at the positives and opportunities for legal teams with her guest experts, Moni Mannings and David Thorneloe.

At the time of recording, we're a few short weeks away from the final Brexit deadline. There's been good news globally about potential COVID-19 vaccines and many are looking forward to the end of the year that was 2020. This episode aims to help businesses bring the year safely into the Brexit harbour in the face of depleted resources and unknown challenges.

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