Acast MD Georgina Holt - is comedy the key to creating quality content?

The Humourology Podcast

Jan 17

1 hr

Paul Boross is joined by accomplished Acast MD Georgina Holt. Holt shares her experience in content management to put a finger on why podcasts are made for comedy. Holt breaks down the value of humour when building an audience.About the episodeIn this week’s episode of The Humourology Podcast, Paul Boross is joined by publishing director and content expert Georgina Holt. Holt has built a career on the ability to identify likeable people who have comedic conversations. When looking to sign new talent Holt talks about the importance of a sense of humour.“I think if you can find someone who you want to laugh with that is that is what is really important.”Holt believes that bringing a sense of lightness to a situation is what makes good storytellers into great podcasters. How can comedy create quality content? Find out this week on the Humourology podcast. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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