Attending to body and earth in distress.

By University of Minnesota Press

What if we tended to an ailing ecosystem just as we would a body in the throes of a chronic medical condition? Ranae Lenor Hanson’s memoir WATERSHED encourages us to discover how the health of our bodies and the health of the world they inhabit are inextricably linked. In this episode, Hanson is joined by educators and community leaders Lena Jones and Teddie Potter. This conversation was recorded in June 2020.Ranae Lenor Hanson is an educator and climate activist who taught writing and global studies at Minneapolis College (MCTC) for 31 years. Lena Jones is a political science faculty member at Minneapolis College and connected to the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy. Teddie Potter is Clinical Professor and Director of Planetary Health in the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota."The credo ‘water is life’ has become a key environmental rallying cry in the years since Standing Rock, and this book helps us remember why. It recalls an American past, inhabits a global present, and imagines a working future—it will be an aid to many as they grapple with our difficult moment."—Bill McKibben, founder of and author of The End of Nature

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