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Ep. 162: Ramsey Poston

By Nate Ryan, NASCAR on NBC Sports

The president of Tuckahoe Strategies and former managing director of communications for NASCAR (from 2004-11) on how his background in politics and living around the country informed his views and communicating with people (1:30); the crossover between politics and sports (3:30); his history in politics (5:00); how the death of an icon brought him into the NASCAR world (7:00); a tense meeting with NASCAR (10:30) ... with an important laugh (12:45); a shift in how NASCAR approached the media (16:00); on making amends with some TV sports networks (18:00); the limitations of a storyline on safety (21:30); how things were virtually the same managing NASCAR's PR during its mid-2000s boom (26:00); what working among the Daytona brain trust was like and learning the history (28:00); being active in the site location and selection process for the NASCAR Hall of Fame (30:30); a 2001 on-track memory that encapsulated the yin and yang of NASCAR (31:30); the PR failure that was the Car of Tomorrow and the role that drivers played in it (33:30); how the dynamics of team, driver and manufacturer councils have had an impact (35:30); striking a balance between legislating driver behavior and staying true to the roots (37:30); a fine that Ramsey wishes never had been issued (38:30); the course correction of “Boys, Have At It” (42:00); two lessons learned about the plight of working with underdog teams (43:45); thoughts on interim NASCAR CEO Jim France (46:00).

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