The case for influencers - Arron Shepherd

By Jon Evans

Arron is co-founder of The Goat Agency which is the fastest-growing agency in Europe and one of the most successful influencer agencies in the World. He and his co-founders set up the agency 4 years ago with their own money and now employ 130 people around the world and manage around 90 social media campaigns at any one time. Arron has a wonderful personal story and a very compelling pitch for his agency.In this episode Arron’s entrepreneurial roots and creating something out of nothing The fear of not trying is much greater than the fear of failure Why more people should realise how hard being an entrepreneur is How they generated 2,000 responses from a £10 investment in their first influencer  What you do when 80% of influencer campaigns don’t work Why Arron loves the procurement department and he proves the return on investment of an influencer campaign The benefit of having no experience in your sector The importance of recruiting talent without experience How an influencer campaign can make your TV campaign more impactful How Content & Collaboration are the key to any campaign including B2B Arron’s vision to build the world’s largest creative agency Arron reveals his secret new diet Follow me: Twitter | @uncensoredCMO LinkedIn Contact me: Website | Email – Arron Shepherd Arron's Twitter The Goat Agency Twitter The Goat Agency

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