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Dayne Barkley: Forgoing Hollywood To Foster Human Potential

By Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq.

Learning to trust yourself can be a challenge, especially when you’re struggling with imposter syndrome. Feeling like you’re not good enough, or experienced enough, to compete with the experts in your industry is a very real thing. Today’s guest, Dayne Barkley, tells us how he challenged his imposter syndrome and came out on top. Dayne started his working life as an actor in Los Angeles. He loved making people laugh, being the center of attention, and bringing someone else’s story to life. What he didn’t love was the process of acting: learning lines, rehearsing, and living to someone else’s schedule just wasn’t for him. He knew he had to leave, but he was afraid to follow his passion for health and biohacking. Instead, he told his friends that he was taking a break… but this break led to him quitting. Dayne says he felt like a failure, but he realized that just because he was getting better at acting didn’t mean he was going to like it again. In this episode, we’re talking about Dayne’s transition from acting to biohacking. The hardest change for him was going from a career focusing on the outside appearance and performance to something that looks purely at the inside. And because he was new to health and wellness, Dayne was challenged with imposter syndrome. Though feelings of defeat were high, Dayne wasn’t about to let imposter syndrome keep him from his dream. He learned ways and techniques to work through it and proved that his experience and ways were different from anyone else in the industry, and that difference is what sets him apart from his competitors. Have you ever felt imposter syndrome? Do you know where your inspiration comes from? How do you know whether you should push through something or quit? Let me know in the comments!   In This Episode: How a life event can trigger an insight into health and wellness How a break from something can lead you to never go back Why getting better at something won’t necessarily make you like it more Why you need to quit worrying about other people’s opinions of you How to transition from a career focused on the outside, to one looking at the inside What it’s like to work through imposter syndrome How to reframe your imposter syndrome and see it as a positive Why you might still have breakdowns when you’re on a path that you love How career inspiration can come from unexpected places How to know when to push through wanting to quit   Quotes: “I transitioned to a whole other field of work which was hard to navigate and understand. I didn’t really have a lot of life experience to be able work my way through things, or find out how to keep things going. The most important part was that I found something I was really passionate about.” (9:34) “The past 12 months I’ve been on a spiritual awakening that has helped me understand my place in this world and how I have to deliver my gifts and talents, which are truly unique and different from any other practitioner out there. I might have learned from a lot of them, but I’ve digested differently.” (15:30) “What helped a lot was having support. If I was just by myself and without this idea out to the world and sharing it would have been enough for me to throw the towel in, because no one would know and no one could keep me accountable and support me. Having that support around me, friends and family, and sharing my intention kept me going.” (25:47) Links Find Dayne Online  Follow Dayne on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Barkely Eyeware on Amazon Follow Barkley Eyeware on Instagram   Check out the full episode post here Keep up with everything Quit Happens here Follow Lynn Marie on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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