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Kaia Brown – Burlesque, EthnoBass and the importance of taking risks (peacreapod#108)

By Arnaud CZ

Kaia Brown (@realkaiabrown) is the lead singer of N.O.H.A. , Amusement  Park and performs in Prague Burlesque as the seductive but dangerous  Coca Valente.  Kaia courageously tells us about the glamorous world of Burlesque, being a mum and how she navigates the  gap in between.    Kaia tells about her art journey from dancing to singing and performing, shares her tips about adapting to another country's environment. As an expat in Prague, she managed to grow from an English teacher to a lead singer and a performer, even if it costed much effort. This is a story about glamour of burlesque, and what it gives to women, about art risks and how important to take them. An authentic interview for performers, parents, and anyone interested in building a career in the arts. GET THE CHEAPEST AMAZON IN EUROPE! This episode is brought to you by Hagglezon ( Hagglezn compare the prices of all the european Amazon stores and let you buy directly from the cheapest! Sometimes the difference is up to 50%!! I need a new roomba and on Hagglezon I found a 180 eur difference between the cheapest (Italy) and the most expensive (UK)!! If you're in a country without Amazon like Czech Republic or Portugal, it's double win: not only you get amazon...but the cheapest version of it! Hagglezon doesn't handle the payment or Amazon shopping cart, everything is safely done on Amazon's secure servers. When you decide where to make your purchase they redirect you to the corresponding official Amazon marketplace. Use the link for the cheapest amazon in Europe! 🙏 HELP US BRING PEACREAPOD TO THE NEW AND NOTEWORTHY LIST 🙏 The Peaceful Creativity Podcast is finally on Apple Podcast 🍾...which means we have 6 weeks to make it to the New and Noteworthy 😱 This list would bring a huge exposure to the show, many new listeners...and the required resources for more episodes ❤️ So please, help us make it to the list! Go to Apple podcast and: -> subscribe -> rate and write a review -> listen/download episodes This will tell the algorithm that you like the show! I need to emphasize how important the review is: even if it's just a few words, it really helps pushing our podcast toward the top. 🙏 IF YOU DON'T USE APPLE PODCAST, SUPPORT PEACREAPOD ON SPOTIFY 🙏 Please open spotify and : -> search for "PeaCreaPod" -> click on 'follow' -> click on the ❤️ (heart symbol) -> relax and enjoy the episodes 😌 Again, this will tell Spotify's algorythm that PeaCreaPod is worth promoting. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ -> SHOW NOTES and PEOPLE MENTIONED in this episode available at As always thanks for Listening. Peace! Arnaud

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