You Have The Power to Choose How You See Yourself

By So Live Podcast

More often than not, the way in which we see ourselves is limited to the experiences we’ve had, how people or the world has historically responded to us, what opportunities have come our way, etc. But what if, instead of relying on past data and current circumstances, we flipped this on its head and gained complete power over how we see ourself, what we’re capable of and/or who we need to step into being based on the desires we hold for ourself? What if we consciously chose the energy we embodied based on who we desire to be and how we desire to carry ourselves? This is the power we each individually have and it’s a crucial step to co-creating/manifesting a life in alignment with your desires. Join spiritual author and life coach, Shanna Kay Covey, and Eating Psychology Coach and Personal Trainer, Tracey Keller, as they dive into this topic on this week’s episode. Suggested Exercise Mentioned In This Episode: At the beginning of the episode Shanna suggested the following writing exercise to help better understand what your deeper desires are. Desire Exercise… Round 1: Out of all the infinite possibilities available to me, what do I want? Free write for 7 minutes. Round 2: What do I desire? Free Write for 7 minutes. Round 3: What do I truly desire? Free write for 7 minutes. Do all three rounds in one sitting and repeat the exercise a few times in one week. Then look back over what you wrote and pull out the desires that kept coming up. Those are your deeper desires and what you can apply to the manifestation processes mentioned in this episode. ~ For more information on So Live, visit us at You can also follow So Live on Facebook and Instagram (@soliveinc). Shanna Covey is the author of A Call to the Heart, Shifting Out of Ego Into Spirit. She is a life coach who uses a spiritual lens to help people align more deeply with the truth of their nature. When people are aligned with their inner nature, they live confidently from that truth. From this inner knowing, they learn to direct their lives according to their unique soul blueprint. Shanna is also a founding board member with So Live, where she holds a deep passion for letting people know safe and effective cancer treatments options exist and are available. You can follow her on Facebook (@ShannaKayCovey) and Instagram (@ShannaCovey). Tracey Keller is an Eating Psychology Coach and personal trainer. Tracey works with clients on navigating their relationship with food and movement, helping them to set up practices that will lead to success in their highest calling. You can find her on Facebook at Rise2It.

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