8 Daily Rituals to Improve Your Thyroid Health

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Dec 2019

46 min 39 sec

Healing from hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s or other thyroid issues can be overwhelming. What if you had a thyroid community cheering you on to meet your health goals? Ginny Mahar and Danna Bowman of Thyroid Refresh have created just that, inspired by their own experiences with thyroid conditions. They’ve also put together “the eight Rs,” a series of eight daily rituals designed to make your health practices fun and sustainable. In this episode, we discuss the rituals, common pitfalls, and your best mindset for healing! https://drruscio.com/?p=47963 My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at https://drruscio.com/getgutbook/ Looking for more? Check out https://drruscio.com/resources

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