S1E4 - Work Identity

By Curiously Strong Pod

On today’s episode your hosts talk about our day jobs, what we love most about them, how they relate to our identity, and whether we find them fulfilling. We discuss what it means to be a millennial in the current work force and how the idea of careers differs so much from older generations. Work is such a big part of everyone’s lives because we spend so much of our time doing it so it is bound to influence us in a major way. But how much of our life is work, really? Does it consume us entirely or do we find a balance to enjoy it when we do show up? Some make their work their entire identity and that is their prerogative but you can certainly find additional identities to adopt. We should be seeking alignment, not have one thing take over everything. But we also recognize that having these choices is a privilege, an opportunity we are going to take and run with, even when some from the older generation don’t understand it. Listen to us answer the daunting question: “If you had to step away from work for a period of time, how would you feel/how would it affect you?” As structure and productivity prove to be essential for a fulfilling life, the idea of not having a work identity would be difficult for us.

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