Million Dollar Secrets of being KIND with Darius Sepehripour

By FundLoans

On this episode, Jon Maddux speaks with CEO and Co-Founder of KIND Home Loans, Darius Sepehripour. KIND is a boutique agency that is known for its innovation, speed, and determination. Although the company is relatively young (established late 2017), Darius and his team have found sustainable growth in working with luxury borrowers. The two speak about how the heart behind KIND Home Loans, finding new business in unique places, and how to transition from originating smaller loan amounts to working with Jumbo borrowers. Darius Sepehripour With over a decade of experience working in the real estate and technology sectors, Darius saw an opportunity to combine the two, and disrupt the mortgage industry. KIND Home loans was launched to help provide one of the largest varieties of loan programs to consumers—giving people options based on their financial goals. Growing up as an athlete, Darius is a firm believer in the team concept. The team at KIND is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds, and consists of industry leading marketing, real estate, and business professionals to create a product that is difficult to compete with. Together the KIND team is not only helping consumers get the home of their dreams—but also the loan of their dreams. Darius graduated with Honors from The University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors Degree in Business and an emphasis Consumer Behavior. Darius wrote his honors thesis on the Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown, and the role it played on the global economies. Darius lives an active life, his hobbies include surfing, traveling, and playing competitive sports. Fun Fact: Darius was once a Semi-Professional Skateboarder. *This podcast is intended to aid mortgage professionals* For more great content, visit our Youtube channel: Follow us on Instagram: @FundLoans  FundLoans NMLS ID:1202262 If you are in the mortgage industry and are interested in learning more about FundLoans' Jumbo and Super Jumbo Non-QM Mortgage Products, contact us at or call 866-234-6981.  Website:

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