Decolonising Knowledge - Dr Romina Istratii

By The Know Show How can we decolonise knowledge? Romina Istratii is an academic researcher at SOAS University of London. Istratii has been actively engaged in the effort to decentre Anglo-American epistemology from the domain of knowledge production and to bridge scientific research with lived experiences and societal issues. In this episode of The Know Show, Romina discusses with us her insight on methods for decolonising knowledge. For example, she expresses how there should be a reduction in the dependency on the English language when research is being written in non-English societies.   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL to get the latest and most fascinating research!!! Get the latest episodes and videos on The Know Show Podcast makes the most important research accessible to everyone. Join us today and be part of the research revolution. Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram Twitter  

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