How I made BrewDog famous - Alex Myers

By Jon Evans

Alex Myers is founder of Manifest who were recently awarded Agency of the Decade for their work making BrewDog famous. Having worked on BrewDog for most of the past 10 years they helped establish the brand as the UK’s most valuable Beer brand (source BrandZ top 75 UK brands) with virtually no paid for media. Manifest have a clear purpose of creating brands that change the world and put their money where their mouth is. In this episode: How Alex started a PR agency with no experience at all Never mind the bollocks here’s Brewdog was Alex’s opening pitch to work for them Its not what you stand for its what you stand up for that counts There is no such thing as a boring brief only boring creative Finding inspiration from roof tiles and why Alex believes his job is to find out why people get up in the morning Hello my name is Vladimir. Creating a protest beer to promote what BrewDog believe in. How to make brave the new safe How Twitter went from a platform for collaboration to a platform for outrage Having a public spat with James Watt over Punk AF and not getting credit Why pitching doesn’t work for brands and why CMO’s need to do their research Strategy should come from your belief and not a rationale Manifests vision to create brands that change the world Why Awards are easy to game but do provide a Sat Nav for CMO’s on who is doing good work Find out who Alex has a professional crush on Why doing good and having a positive impact should be synonymous with success Why the best work comes from making every channel amplify the other What Alex has never told anyone Follow me: Twitter | @uncensoredCMO LinkedIn Contact me: Website | Email – Follow Alex: Alex on Twitter Manifest Twitter Manifest

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