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ITG #10 - Adapting To Change

By Matt Blake

BE THE BIRD!!!! Today we are talking about... Adapting To Change!!! ——— Quote for Topic: ( Adapting To Change ) He who rejects change is the architect of decay. ~Harold Wilson Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better. ~Sydney J. Harris The path of least resistance is the path of the loser. ~H. G. Wells ----- Business Tip: How to be prepared for change: Choose who you listen to. Have hypothetical business plans. Strategize ahead of time for opportunities that may arise. Get feedback on your plans. Then Refine. Always be thinking about what could change, what should change. Be Forward thinking (Don't be married to the process or idea) ---- Book to Read: Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! by Tony Robbins - Tool to Try: RESCUE TIME - RescueTime is a service that helps people understand how they spend their time on the computer.  The ability to see exactly how you spend your time. No data entry, no effort-- Your time gets tracked down to the second without you having to actively track it. Instant and easy time-management analytics. Instantly know how much time you’re spending on a particular app (like “Microsoft Word”), site (like "") or a category (like “Communication”). The ability to set time management goals. _______ Motivational Moment: The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. ~Rupert Murdoch Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. ~Arnold Bennett It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. ~C. S. Lewis Change might be uncomfortable, heck it's probably scary... you might be comfortable or happy with how things are. And often change can come with setbacks. But if you never adapt to the changes in your business, in your industry, or in your life... you will be unsuccessful. Because change is going to happen... no matter if you want things to change or not. Change will happen and those who adapt early will far outpace those who struggle and resist. "You might be happy with the status quo, but the status quo might not be happy with you... the status quo is never permanent." - Matt Blake Thanks for joining us on Inspired to Greatness, please check back with us each and every week for fresh tips and new guests. Visit our website at and Look for us on Spreaker, iTunes, iHeart, and Spotify…. I get may earn commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this show. This is to help support the show and does not have any impact on my recommendations If you would like to be a guest on the show or you have a question or topic you can email the show at InspiredToGreatness Podcast AT Gmail Dot Com… You can find the show on Facebook, at Inspired Podcast, and on Instagram at Inspired To Greatness Podcast, and remember, everything is on our website at Thanks again, my friends… Go do amazing things, be awesome, Go Inspire, Motivate, and Dominate! AND Be The Bird! GUEST INFO: Rachel Castellanos Webupdate House

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