Childfree and Mother to All with Kristin Moses

By Holly Krivo

When I created this podcast and my guest wish list, Kristin was on the top of the list.  Kristin Moses is the Founder and Creative Director of Design Good, a full-service, high-vibe design and branding studio. More importantly she is an inspiration and friend to all who know her.  Kristin honors her truth and what she wants for her life and it is evident in everything she does. Kristin never had the desire to have children and even as a child was drawn more to growing her Snoopy snow cone stand profits as opposed to playing dolls. She has always been drawn to making her mark on the world through connection and creativity as opposed to childbearing.  In today's podcast we talk a lot about how honoring your truth will always give you the answers you need, how the idea that you have to have a child to mother is weak and what the dating scene has been like for Kristin as a childfree woman.  On the fence and struggling with making the decision once and for all if you want kiddos ?  With my free download, "The Kid Question," you'll identify and release your perceived obligations and expectations — your should shackles — so you can decide your future on your terms. --- Send in a voice message:

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