America, Liberalism, and Catholicism with Dr. Ryan Anderson

Liberal Learning for Life @ UD

Apr 13

10 min 8 sec

Dr. Ryan Anderson, St. John Paul II Teaching Fellow in Catholic Social Thought at the University of Dallas and President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, joins us to preview an exciting conference coming up at the University of Dallas on April 15 and 16, on “America, Liberalism, and Catholicism.” The conference will feature a range of speakers, including keynote addresses by Patrick Deneen of Notre Dame and Ross Douthat of the New York Times. As Dr. Anderson explains, the central question of the conference is this: what should Catholics think of liberalism as a political philosophy, and as a political project? The conference will be livestreamed on the UD YouTube page, and you can register to be reminded about the conference here: And, in case you can’t tune in during those days, we’ll post all of the talks on our YouTube page; you can register to be reminded of these once they’re posted.

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