Author of Shit Adults Never Taught Us discuss: What does anchoring mean in negotiating a pay raise?

Doin’ Girly Things

Jun 7

44 min 7 sec

Negotiating is an important part about creating financial freedom. Often time women stray away from these important conversations. Within the construction space there is plenty to negotiate from benefits to job location. In this episode I interview Natasha Sattler, author of ShitAdultsNeverTaughtUs and her lessons about how to negotiate during the job interview. Season two is official here. New episodes every other week. Episode HighlightsHow to avoid anchoring in a job interviewReal life examples of what to say in an interview How learning how to stop talking will benefit youLinksSocial Media Doin'GirlyThingsThe guest ShitAdultsNeverTaughtUsThe book

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