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What are Millenials Looking for from their Leaders at Work?

By Sean Si

Apple agrees and further emphasize the importance of letting team members try out other roles as a means of facing a new challenge for them. As much as it makes sense, the competitiveness and the active search for the next challenge is something that Kevin has mixed feelings towards because it’s not something that always happens. He thinks that it’s a challenge because he knows that there are a lot of people that are very passive. They would not have the initiative to request these changes and so they’ll just be waiting for the management to do it for them. However, if you find a person that is continuously looking for more challenges, more things to do, that’s when you know that you find someone that’s worth keeping. Those who have initiative, those who want to grow, those who want to face new challenges even though they’re not part of their job description. Honestly, letting teammates freely look for new opportunities within the office is possible, but not necessarily easy to do. For Kevin, keeping millennial employees from leaving isn’t just about bringing them new challenges. One thing he really values is the culture and close communication with the management. We’ve continually provided many avenues wherein our team members can communicate their thoughts and concerns with us. And based on his observations, those who participated, those who were open to sharing their thoughts and feelings tend to stay longer, when compared to those who were apathetic. Connecting with our teammates on a more personal level really helps. Since we can understand what they’re going through and we’ll provide advice and wisdom. Once you have this kind of relationship, you’ll feel as if you have developed a different yet mutual respect for one another. Basically speaking, in order to keep millennials from leaving your company, there should be an active connection between the management and the team members. For many businesses, this connection is relatively hard to pull off, that’s why I plan on releasing Teamstrr, a software that helps do just that later this year. Teamstrr aims to close the gap between team members and the management by providing a means where the team can share their thoughts, what they’re thinking and feeling, to the management. This did beg the question of whether or not sharing their thoughts is a big deal for them, the Millennials. To start off the conversation, Kevin first stated that the majority of millennials are introverts. The majority of millennials are selfishly passionate. I believe that they’re also primarily introverts solely because of the rise of digital. Take for example our childhood. Me and Kevin never really played with our neighbors. We had our TV, our Play Station and those were enough to make it feel like we were socializing digitally. We were cultivated to be introverts. That being said, most introverts become sociable through the use of digital systems. This is what Teamstrr aims to solve. It is a platform where the team can share their inner thoughts. Apple shares that the capability to share inner thoughts is something special. Some of our recent applicants share that in their previous jobs, all they do is just that. They don’t really get to talk to the management, overtime was encouraged, everything was nothing short of toxic. They felt like they were robots. With Teamstrr, we can make every individual feel human. Everyone will almost always have something that they’re going through, and that can definitely spill into the workplace. Through this tool, we can focus on empathizing with our team as well as to let them know that there is someone much like a mentor that is willing to give the time to empathize and to pray for you. This is a big Support the show (

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