S4: Episode 1: Dr Eric Weiss, Regenerative Therapy for Autism

By Malinda Dalton-Cook & Vanessa Surprise

Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, co-author Dr. Weiss, a proud Veteran and former U.S. Navy Commander, isa regional leader in advanced regenerative medicine. He is laser-focused on utilizing umbilical cord stem cells to heal his plastic surgery patients and those with wounds from trauma and disease as well as deformities from birth or those acquired through life. Close to his heart is using regenerative therapy to treat autism. He attended Duke University Medical School, where cutting-edge autism therapy is being studied and has found great success using stem cell therapy. His son, Marston, is on the autistic spectrum and, as a result of this therapy, Dr. Weiss has seen tremendous healing of his condition. Dr. Weiss’ goal is to restore wholeness to all patients by using umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat multiple health conditions. “Umbilical cord blood contains powerful cells with chemical signals that optimize the healing capacity of the human body. They seek out inflamed cells that are old, damaged or injured, and are to restore them” said Dr. Eric Weiss. “Multiple studies demonstrate this cord blood can treat certain conditions successfully in children and adults including autism, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic brain injury and more.” “Stem cell therapy has helped my son in so many ways. Children with autism have inflammation in their brains. Stem cells combat inflammation. When we did stem cell therapy, we saw immediate results. Marston asked questions, he followed conversations, and he became acutely aware of his surroundings. Marston talked for conversation and not just for directions. Marston was more focused and his memory was spot on. To this day I still hear him use vocabulary words I never thought he knew and in the correct context. The veil was finally lifted and I saw who Marston really was,” said Chris Weiss. Educating Marston is available for purchase now. The hardcover retail cost is $24.99 and is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Indie Bound, Walmart and Bam! Books-A-Million. For more information: visit: https://www.educatingmarston.com. https://northfloridastemcells.com/   ______________________ Contact us here: Inclution@autismmastermind.co IG, FB, YouTube @autismmastermind 

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