Ep#2 Re-inventing Retailer Loyalty Programs

By Vector Consulting Group

Most companies try hard to win retailer loyalty through various temporary offers and schemes. However, these standard, time bound, volume-slab wise, schemes do not promote any real loyalty (retailers opportunistically shift between different schemes to secure the best possible deal); these schemes exclude small retailers almost completely (as they cannot pick up enough volume to qualify); and often promotes self-dumping (due to greed to qualify for schemes). Consequent results are disruption of price hygiene in the market and poor ROI for channel partners. Listen to this podcast to find how firms can truly bond with retailers without any of these issues! You can find our success stories at: https://www.vectorconsulting.in/our-work/ Please share and subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcasting app and help us with your feedback on our social media handles.

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