Is that an old prom dress in your closet? Finding joy in sustainable fashion and beauty.

That Green Dress Podcast

Feb 9

29 min 39 sec

Do you still have that teal taffeta dress in your closet from your high school prom because you can’t let it go? Do you have a habit of clicking “buy it now” on your shopping accounts hoping that shiny item will bring joy and then feel nervous or guilty (or embarrassed) when the boxes begin to arrive at your door? Do you take advantage of clearance sales and purchase things you “might wear some day” only to have them still in your closet with tags? Now, do you ever stop to think about where your clothing and beauty products originated? Do you wonder who made them and how that person is treated as an employee? Do you scour the ingredients lists to understand what you are wearing and how it might impact your body and functioning? And finally, do you feel overwhelmed about this whole subject and feel like it is one more thing… If you are anything like me, you answered a mix of “yes” and “no” throughout, but a resounding “yes” to the last question. And, it is ok. We are here to learn. On this episode, we learn more about sustainable fashion and beauty with the one and only, Stella Abril! Let’s learn about living more joyfully with a sustainable lifestyle!

Stella is a “eco-preneur” focused on sustainable fashion and beauty. She is the President and Chairperson of the Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association and the host of the podcast Change is Now! Stella is a community leader, wife, and mama to 3 beautiful girls! Stella’s efforts promote ethics, change, and sustainability living from the inception of an idea to production, and consumption.

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