Ep 1 - The Fool | Mary from Manifest Minerals

By Lunar Leaves

The Tarot card in this episode is The Fool, where Eve explores concepts of adventure and curiosity with her guest, Mary of Manifest Minerals. Wednesdays with Eve podcast - brought to you by Lunar Leaves & Eventually Tarot - is a series of heart-warming, hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking conversations – held over tea and Tarot cards – between the host Eve and her guests. Guests include designers, writers, creative directors, entrepreneurs and business leaders who share exclusively with Eve, on what makes them sing in the shower or keeps them up at 3 am. "I use the Tarot with you to light the path ahead, to help clarify cause and effect, and to inspire you with courage to follow your dreams. Simply put – to help you make decisions and find happiness. I believe the Tarot cards are like a wise friend, who hold a safe space for you to explore, to ask, to wonder and most importantly, to empower you." Subscribe for upcoming episodes on Lunar Leaves. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Join our community. For more contents and upcoming events, find us at our website http://www.lunarleaves.co/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/LunarLeavesTea Facebook: https://facebook.com/LunarLeavesTea ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Host: Eve http://instagram.com/eventuallytarot Production Team: Charmaine Ho Wei Lin Pearlyn Siew Ryan Cheng

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