#38: "What Should I Buy - Digital Mixer Or Dedicated Interface?" (Plus Bonus Content: Get Featured On The Podcast)

By Benedikt Hain / Malcom Owen-Flood

Download the free Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Successful DIY-Recording here: https://theselfrecordingband.com/10stepguideDownload the Essential DIY-Recording Gear Guide here:https://theselfrecordingband.com/gearguideJoin the free Facebook Group ("The Self-Recording Band Community" ):theselfrecordingband.com/community--"What Should I Buy - Digital Mixer Or Dedicated Interface?"This is one of the most popular questions. People are wondering if a digital mixer with a lot of channels and all the bells and whistles can be a great alternative to the common, dedicated audio interfaces on the market. It's not an easy question to answer, as they're designed for different tasks (or combinations of tasks). But it's true that both can theoretically be used as a recording interface. So let's break down the features, pros and cons and see if we can find a clear winner for your situation!Bonus Content: Get Featured On The Podcast!I'll start this with a question:What’s the best thing about DIY-recording?​The obvious answer:It enables musicians to put their music out fast, regularly and on a budget. It removes barriers and makes great sounding productions something everyone can have for their band now.But there is more to it:A whole new community and movement has developed around the topic. Passionate DIY-engineers and home recording musicians from all around the world are exchanging ideas, helping each other out and sharing their knowledge, experience and, of course, their music!It has become a social experience, an opportunity for people to get to know like-minded peers and form friendships. Which makes for even better music, because people get inspired by each other, help each other, collaborate and grow together.We believe that the creative freedom, the diversity in today's music, the fresh ideas and the community that came with DIY-recording are the best things about it. And we don’t believe in competition. At all. We believe in collaboration. A rising tide lifts all boats.That’s why we want to make the podcast and this whole project less about us and more about you, the community, the self-recording bands out there. We want to give inspiring people a voice and a platform. We want you, your ideas and philosophies on recording to be heard. And we want your music to be heard! We want to talk to experts and professionals and hear their advice, just as much as we want to talk to passionate hobby recording enthusiasts.​So here are four things we’ll be doing from now on:We’ll be doing podcast interviews ​​​We’ll be doing Q&A episodes and broadcast your ideas!​​​We’ll be doing „ask the community“ episodes​​We’ll be featuring your music on the podcast! Listen now to hear how this will work and how you can be a part of it!For full show notes go to: theselfrecordingband.com/38If you have any questions, feedback, topic ideas or want to suggest a guest, email us at: podcast@theselfrecordingband.com

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