Episode 3 - Measuring Merkel's Legacy

By Berlin Policy Journal Podcast

In this third episode of the Berlin Policy Journal Podcast, we focus on Angela Merkel.    What will be the legacy of Germany’s long-serving chancellor? Who will be her successors, and what lies ahead for Germany at home and abroad?    To explore these questions, host and Berlin Policy Journal executive editor Henning Hoff spoke to Tyson Barker, program director and senior fellow at the Aspen Institute Germany. He explains that some of the policies and values we now associate with Germany are actually characteristics of Merkel herself.    For an additional perspective on Merkel’s legacy, we dropped in on Constanze Stelzenmüller of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC. She is perhaps the most prolific – and often entertaining – “Germany explainer” there is in the United States. She tells us how Angela Merkel served as a role model to many women, while at the same time she has disappointed recently on certain political issues.    ------------------------ The Berlin Policy Journal is a bi-monthly digital magazine on European affairs, edited in Germany’s capital and published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). It’s the sister publication of Internationale Politik, Germany’s leading foreign affairs magazine.   You can read the Berlin Policy Journal on our website  berlinpolicyjournal.com or receive it free of charge via our app for Android and iOS devices.   Contact us with questions or suggestions: podcast@berlinpolicyjournal.com

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