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The Rise of The Machines

By Farnam Street

On this episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast, I am so happy to have Pedro Domingos (@pmddomingos) who is a professor at the University of Washington. Domingos is the leading researcher in machine learning and recently wrote an amazing book calledThe Master Algorithm. I was fortunate enough to have a long and fascinating conversation with him over dinner one night that lead to the recording of this episode. I think you’re going to love it. In this conversation we explore: The three sources from which all humans obtained their knowledge for thousands of years, and how a new fourth is changing everything. How AI is finding its way into every sector of our lives, and what that means for future jobs and future opportunities Why white collar jobs are easier to replace than blue collar jobs and what the workforce may look like in the near future How a hedge fund recently placed an algorithm as a full voting member of their board of directors The difference between traditional computer science and machine learning and how it will impact technology The five major schools of machine learning and how they’re revolutionizing the way computers analyze information How “robot scientists” could transform the way we make medical and scientific discoveries (one recently discovered a drug for malaria) How machines might compete in professional sports and serve more entertainment purposes The future of self-driving cars and how humans will learn to adapt to them as the technology improves Pedro’s vision of the future of AI and human’s daily interaction with AI If you use technology in any way, you’re going to be floored by this interview. Enjoy!

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