Raising Your Tech IQ

The One Broken Cog Podcast

Nov 2020

37 min

Aman Agarwal is an engineer whose work has ranged from building self-driving vehicles in Silicon Valley to AI-powered brain-computer interfaces. He has also been a business executive at two tech companies valued over $1 billion each. These days he's the Founder and President of SANPRAM Transnational, an executive education company that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs survive and thrive in a future that will be driven by AI and new digital technologies. I’m not sure if it’s the DaVinci drawing on his LinkedIn page or his personal website that starts with: ”Greetings. Your time looks delicious. Let me take a small bite.” that intrigued me more.

Either way, Aman Agarwal is a fascinating character and I’m, glad you’ll have a chance to “meet” him on this podcast.

Podcast Episode