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Lvl 23: ProcrastiN8 Money Rules to Increase Your Savings

By Nate Zerambo

We don’t like to work, especially at our day jobs. I don’t like to work, you don’t like to work. As a matter of fact, more than half of Americans don’t like to work at their current job. It’s a pretty common consensus that work sucks. Well... Don’t work. Make your money work for you. That is the way of a true procrastinator. It’s an easy feat, in terms of effort… ... just rather time consuming. It requires a bit of patience, a bit of procrastination, waiting and putting off withdrawing or ever touching it. Money, when put in the right places works like a slow Duplicator machine that multiplies whatever you put into it. The longer you keep it in the machine, the more money you get, which means us procrastinators, who like to always wait and put things off, can easily grow rich Last week, we looked at easy ways to start investing, and letting your money grow slowly over time in that Duplicator machine, while you sit back and relax. ...but maybe you want more money to play around with. Remember, ya gotta play your money or else it’ll play you. Like any game, there are certain rules to follow and abide by. The ProcrastiN8r abides. Today, we’re looking at the ProcrastiN8 Money Rulesto Increase Your Savings 8. Stop Trying To Impress Others You’re a lazy procrastinator, so embrace a lazy mindset. Be Aloof. You don’t care about what other people think about your status or riches. You don’t seek approval and you don’t need it You do your own thing, regardless of what people think. Others opinions do not affect your purchasing decisions (or decisions in general for that matter). Honey Badger Don’t Care. ProcrastiN8r don’t care. There’s a famous quote that’s been said many times: “You buy things with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like” Not any more. You’re a procrastinator and proud., You’re here to express, not impress. Buy generic for certain things like drugs, vitamins, and food. Often times, you’re just paying for the name brand. There are certain exceptions where generic sucks, like electronics and shoes. *7.Buy it Later If you’re a patient procrastinator, you can save money by well, procrastinating. Things lose value over time. Don’t buy it now. Buy it later. The price of “new” is overpriced. Cars depreciate in value, for example. A new car this year will significantly decrease in value next year Video games too go down a lot. $60 is the price of a “new game” That price is just the impatient fee. The “gotta have it now” Be patient. Procrastinate your purchases We’re not about having or doing it “now”, we’re all about “later.” 6. Pay Yourself First your priority to make a payment towards is -- yourself (and your own lazy lifestyle) pretend 20% of the income is a tax or fee, like you don’t even own the money. Future you is charging current you to pay for his/her own Lazy Island. This payment is required aim to live off 80% of your income TOPS. 5. Aim for the biggest target in your debt take down the debt with the highest interest rate, not necessarily the highest amount the higher the interest rate, the more money you will pay in the long run, so knock it down as quick as possible, even if it’s the smallest debt you owe Debt accumulates faster with a higher interest rate and slower with a lower one it’s like a small enemy with a rage buff that gets stronger over time. You have to take it out as quickly as you can before it grows ridiculously powerful 4. Buy It For Life One and done. That’s the attitude of a true procrastinator. Buy quality products that are built to last, not cheaply made ones that are built to fall apart and be replaced as soon as possible. You want products that have a long life. There’s a whole subreddit for recommended products & brands: /r/BIFL Buy video games that have a lot of replay value or content in general to get the most bang for your buck. Buy a physical copy so you can resell it when you’re done with it (like Monster Hunter, The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Super Smash Bros) Digital may be cheaper sometimes but you can’t resell a digital product. 3. Use it ‘til it breaks Along the same line of thinking: Keep up good maintenance and repairs on your “stuff” so you don’t have to purchase a new thing Small maintenance like changing your oil on your car ...or dusting out your desktop and cleaning the fan and defragging your hard drive every few weeks ...or stitching your clothing, which is actually easier to do than you would think will improve the quality and quantity of life of a product It’s also cheaper to do minor repairs along the way than pay for one major repair This goes for personal health too -- it’s better and cheaper to eat healthy, keep in shape and go to regular check ups with your doctor than it is to pay for major surgery and serious(ly expensive) meds. As a PRO-crastinator...You’re not only lazy, you’re a cheap bastard and will make the most out of what ya got. And if you’re having trouble keeping up with the little maintenances, remember, no pressure. You’re doing it because you want to. And you can gamify these habits so you’re gaining xp and leveling up, instead of doing so called “chores” 2. Live Below Your Means Get rid of the complexity in your life. Live a nice, simple, easy, lazy life. Luxury items are for hard workers who are trying to impress others. Again, you don’t care about making any sort of luxurious or elaborate impression of others You’re a simple dude or simple gal and live a simple life. As a matter of fact, you’d rather them think you’re just a lazy bum anyway. No sense being bothered with superficial people that like you for superficial reasons Get rid of unnecessary purchases as much as possible. The more things you own in your life, the more stress factors you invite in your life Likewise, the more activities you do, the more you’re going to spend and the more you’re going to be running around, instead of couch surfing. Eliminate stress by buying less and doing less. They say money can’t buy happiness… … but the truth is No “Thing” can buy happiness and No Experience can either. Money can buy you freedom and with freedom comes happiness. - Experiences and Things are just temporary, but freedom is evergreen Instead of putting dollars down to buy a thing or experience that you think will make you happy, plant it in an investment account to let it grow into a tree that can support your lazy hammock. 1. Automate Your Savings Use apps and built in online banking features to automatically save part of your pay heck or put it into an investment account You don’t even have to think about it. The money saving and investing takes care of yourself. Your money works for you and the apps put it to work in the first place. You barely have to lift a finger. Well I mean, maybe a couple of swipes a clicks during the initial set up, but after that, you’re done. Digit, Rize, and even IFTTT are great ways to put money into a savings account For a full list of these apps and a detailed review, listen to Lvl 6: The Top Procrastin8 Apps to Easily and Automatically Put Money Towards Your Savings Goals & Keep an Accurate Budget Many of the stock brokers and investment sites (Robinhood, WeBull, Vanguard, etc.) have an auto deposit option. Acorn & Stash are apps built around auto investing “spare change” Betterment, Wise Banyan, So-Fi Wealth Management and other robo investors auto redistribute your portfolio. So it becomes complete autopilot. we talked about last week in Lvl 22: How to Start Investing With Little Money, the Lazy Way. Once you have automatic savings and investing all set up, you can sit back and relax. Your wealth will build, nice and slow. You’ll get rich, eventually. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme but a logical lazy method that may take a while but works. But hey, we all take a while to do things as procrastinators, so cut our money a little break for not striking it rich so fast. Anyway... We’ll cover the Lazy Money Rules of INVESTING next week... in...ProcrastiN8 Money Rules to Maximize Your Investment Profit! PSA: Keeping your shoes untied can lead to a critical downfall in your life. Knot them up, or you'll NOT be living. Let the Rope Bring You Hope! Watch the Video PSA:

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