Finding Your Purpose/Passion in Life

By Funmi & Lashelle

Welcome to the DaybyDay Insights where we hope to inspire, bring joy and insightful conversations on real issues that affect everyday people by promoting happiness-health, personal and professional development and tips to become the best version of ourselves through this journey of self discover to live life well.Today’s topic is about finding your purpose / passion in life.What gives us joy in life?  How can we show up and be the best version of ourselves by sharing our talents?  How can we take what we have learned and serve others through what we have; and hopefully make a great living to provide for our families and/or contribute to causes in which we believe? We acknowledge everyone will approach this topic differently depending on experience, life circumstances and managing different priorities.  Living a purposeful life although not easy, it is achievable with desire, curiosity, and a commitment to ourselves.Join us as we discuss and unpick four ways to discover or further develop a purposeful life.1.      What do you love to do?2.      What does the world need?3.      Can you be paid (fulfillment from self-identified goal/outcome)?4.      What do you do well? We believe strongly that when you’re living a purpose-driven life this will make you, those within your network who want the best for you and the world a happy and healthier place for all of us to enjoy and experience the beauty that life has to offer.This approach helps us one purpose at a time, create the kind of world we want to live in and the kind of world that future generations will embrace and take care of.Thank you so much for sharing in this experience and joining us today.  If you found value please subscribe, like and comment.  Come along next week as we embark on a conversation about “How to Quit!”   OOOhhhhh, intrigued? You definitely don’t want to miss this. Please support Day by Day Insights Podcast…..subscribe, share and review. Have a wonderful week ahead by striving to be the best version of yourself. From our heart to yours bye for now.

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