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Ep 17. Cobey Fehr: Fighting for the UFC and the Kids Back Home

By Nate Eckman

Cobey “Chaos” Fehr is an amateur MMA fighter who hopes to soon join the UFC in his fight for the kids.    Cobey’s life has been defined by fighting, from his early days of fighting against the influence of drugs in his closest circles, to dedicating his childhood and collegiate years to wrestling, Cobey has, in all areas of his life, fought for who he is today.    This is why I was most excited to talk to him - because I know that the lessons he’s learned on mats and cages across the country shape the way he sees life. He understands pain and suffering, and the proper response to those inconveniences which yield to something other than setbacks.    This journey hasn’t been without difficulty. Cobey recalls intimately the moments when he wanted to jump out of a car on his way to college because he was so afraid of life on campus at Lake Erie College. He talks about performance anxiety and how personal and social expectations frequently culminate to bouts of depression.    We talk about “making it” - what it takes to get to the UFC. Hint: it’s not just about your record. A fighter has to make a business case that they belong in the league, that their personality can sell out arenas. It doesn’t take long listening to Cobey Fehr to believe he has that personality.    But his reasoning for making to the UFC is touching. He reminisces on growing up in Barberton, Ohio and how most of the media he witnessed spoke negatively of his future: star athletes getting busted for drug use, rising crime rates in the city, who was going to re-write that narrative? Who was going to show the next generation of kids that they could do something like MMA and not be someone who’s story ended in drug abuse? Queue Cobey.    Can he do it? He’s sitting at 2-1. And, at a minimum, a fighter needs a 6 win streak to be considered for the big leagues. He’s got something else working in his favor, Cobey trains at Strong Style Training Center, the same facility as the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World, Stipe Miocic. So, he’s in good company.   If there’s one thing I’ve been pondering since my talk with Cobey it’s that in all things we must keep fighting.    And as always, stay resilient. 

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