What the Heck is Leadership – Why Should You Care – Dr. Gary DePaul

By Jay Izso

There are so many theories on Leadership it can get quite exhausting.  In fact Leadership theory is wide and so vast you may find yourself throwing your arms up in the air and saying, "I'm just going to do leadership my way".  Well it is confusing.  And it causes us to ask more questions, such as: "Is leadership the same as leading?", "Is managing the same as leadership?", "What skills are necessary for leadership?", "Do I have to have a title or position to perform leadership?", and so many more!  This makes the ideas of leadership even more daunting.  Can we simplify all this in someway?  And the answer is YES!  Gary DePaul, PhD joins us on this episode of A New Direction with his latest book "What the Heck is Leadership and Why Should I Care?" What the Heck is Leadership is really a book about breaking leadership down into some basic fundamental principles that are consistent with successful leadership.  Is this an exhaustive list?  Of course not, but if one were to practice the 7 principles laid about by Gary DePaul you would be much further than the majority of self-proclaimed people in leadership.  What the Heck is Leadership anyway is a perfect example that there are actions that we can all perform to enhance our leadership from whatever position we find ourselves in.  While the book is not a long read it is a book that will stop and make you consider if you are truly demonstrating leadership from where you are right now and certainly if you have a "growth mindset" ways for you to change. Our sponsors are so important to A New Direction please do me a favor and just say, "thank you" to them.  I am truly grateful for all you who do reach out! EPIC Physical Therapy.  Whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational gym goer, or you just have some nagging aches and pains.  EPIC PT is the place you need to be.  Their staff is certified and trained in the latest cutting edge therapeutic techniques, they have access to the latest equipment and  the will assuredly help you to get back to being the physical you that you always knew you were.  They don’t just help get you better…they make you EPIC!  Learn more by going to www.EPICpt.com and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for 35 years they are known for their “Legendary Customer Service’.  It is not a simply a slogan, it is part of their cultural DNA.  They are connected with the best real estate professionals and experts all over the world to help you find the right agent to sell or buy your home.  And if you are in the greater Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park Area you can witness their service first hand.  Just head on over to www.LindaCraft.com

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