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Ep. 010: Boxcar w/ Newman and Bnuts

By Mike Doyle

Boxcar was a pop punk band based out of South Jersey. Their members were Derek, Newman, and Jay Battle who was later replaced by Bnuts.  Their sound was a nice mix of the Lifetime, Digger, Jawbreaker and the Cure, in my opinion. I reached out to Newman and he suggested getting Brendan AKA Bnuts on the call and the following conversation ensued - In this interview, we talk about - Where They Got The Name Of The Band When Newman Started Playing An Upside Down Bass How B-Nuts And Chris Jammed Years Before Being In Boxcar Together The Comps That Were Always Being Put Out Back In The Day Which Lifetime Album Is The Best One Their Show With Donuts N Glory The 7 In Artworks How Newman Wrote Got After Their Pipeline Show What Their Songs Were Actually About How A Digger Song Inspired One Of Their Best Songs What It Was Like To Record With Steve Evetts Their Decendents Cover Show No Black Friday This Year Where Did They Want To Band To Go Have They Kept Up With Their Punk Rock Ethics And More   Before we being, thank you again to the people who’ve donated to the podcast. If you’d like to do so just go to and send whatever you’d like. It helps me with the $20/month to keep this thing live. Also, July 21at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck NJ, my old band Lanemeyer will be playing a reunion show with our buddies Humble Beginnings and Jettison. The reason for the show is that it’s been 20 years since us and Humble put out our first albums. I believe Jettison is set to play some LWL songs in their list . Pre sale tickets are $15 and then $20 at the door. We’ve already sold a ton so make sure you get in on the action before it sells out. You can find tickets at or here.  

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