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Stop Self-Sabotage • 093

By Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor

Have you ever had a big project deadline that you knew was important, only to find yourself watching an entire marathon of the Bachelorette instead? Or you worked hard for weeks trying to lose that 5 pounds and decided the best way to reward yourself would be with an entire tub of ice cream. Or maybe you were in a relationship that was going great, but you just kept picking fights? These are the ways we self-sabotage. At one point or another, we’ve all done something that undermines our best interests and intentions. Even the most successful people get in their own way—often without realizing it. Today we’re talking to Dr. Judy Ho - an Award-winning clinical psychologist, tenured professor and TV personality. We’ll be looking at self-sabotage to help us answer two vital questions: Why do we do it? How do we stop? She’s gonna give us some therapeutically proven strategies and practical tools to teaches you how to identify your triggers, modify your thoughts and behaviors, find your true motivation, and unlock your willpower so we can stop the cycle. Today we will learn: Why humans are predisposed to self-sabotage What factors cause your self-sabotage behaviors (it may not be what you think)! Quick little busters you can use in under 5 minutes to stop self-sabotage Show Notes: Sign Up for The Morning Mind Love for short daily reminders of how freaking powerful and magical you are, straight to your inbox! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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