26. Judging Me, Judging You

By Jen & Joanne

(ah haaaa!)Welcome to Episode 26!We are back this week with two kids and a puppy thrown into the mix. Let's just say it's definitely not as relaxing as our Sunday evening recording sessions but it was fun nonetheless! This week we bribe the kids and dog heavily so as to get half an hour of peace and quiet to record, Joanne provides the tea and scones and we settle back for a chat about the week we had, plus we discuss the article Jen wrote that was in the Irish Times, which leads us nicely to our thoughts on judgement. We all do it, and we've all felt judged at one time or another. Why do we do it?We hope you enjoy this week's episode, the editing definitely required a lot more effort this week!Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!instagram.com/underthemotherhoodunderthemotherhoodpodcast@gmail.comUntil next time, Jo & Jen 

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