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Ep 24. Cassandra McClure: The Future of Cosmetics is Clean

By Nate Eckman

Cassandra was having a total-body allergenic reaction. The cause was the object of her career. For years Cassandra worked as a makeup artist, dressing women for their lives finest occasions. Suddenly, the very things she used to make a living - to make herself and others feel more beautiful - was a threat to her health. Almost serendipitously Cassandra soon after discovered a brand called Beauty Counter. Soon after that, she uncovered the systemic horrors of the beauty industry. Products are produced with little to no health and safety oversight, which leads to ingredient lists that include the ever-mysterious “fragrance” to the known human carcinogen formaldehyde. In short, Cassandra faced a moral crossroads. Objective one was to rid herself of her increasingly worse allergic reactions. So, she tossed out every last piece of makeup she owned and started anew. She replaced her entire makeup kit with organic, clean, products. Objective one complete. Objective two was a bit more challenging. Should she change her client offerings to the same clean, organic products - effectively raising prices and losing business for a value add that wasn’t yet valued to her customer base? After much deliberation Cassandra chose to take on the industry. She changed her client’s offerings. And she did, for awhile, lose business. But she kept vlogging about the changes and people started following. It didn’t take long before Cassandra became a leading voice for change in the cosmetics industry. She now runs the best cosmetic-based podcast, Clean Beauty Podcast; sits as a judge on the Clean Beauty Awards, hosts clean beauty workshops across the country, and can be found at industry events nationwide. In addition, Cassandra is the co-founder of the Sustainable Project, which educates the public of the environmental impacts of the beauty industry. Recently, Cassandra successfully released Lash Binder - the safest and easiest artificial lash applicator. All this she’s done in pursuit of getting the United States to ban 1500+ known toxic and allergenic ingredients in U.S. cosmetics. Join her mission by visiting any one of her sights, following her podcast, and posting your content with #ban1500ingredients or #cleanbeautypodcast.

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