Carolyn Cowan: Getting A Grip On The Addicted Mind

By David Newell

Carolyn Cowan is a London-based psychosexual and relationship therapist specialising in couples, pre & post natal, addiction, trauma recovery. She runs workshops in various subjects in the UK and abroad and is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer. In 2019, she was named among the top 16 yoga teachers in London. In her mid-late 20s Carolyn became addicted to alcohol and drugs. During the summer of 1991, while in Dublin to do David Bowie's makeup for a video, Cowan said her life changed dramatically. "David Bowie took one look at me, hung-over, red-eyed and incoherent, and told me I was in trouble. Cowan said Bowie encouraged her to stay sober and attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. By 31 July 1991, she had given up smoking, drugs and alcohol and changed her line of work and focused on photography. As of this podcast, she is 28 years sober. Carolyn’s professional life is now largely focused on her work as a psychosexual and relationship therapist. She works in all manners of addictive behaviours and sexual dysfunction. In this episode we talk about the addictive nature of the mind and how to break the habits that cause us  Carolyn has been featured in a number of popular magazines and news outlets including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Psychologies, Women’s Health, The Sun (United Kingdom), i news, Natural Health Magazine, and Woman’s Own.  

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