Interview: Orange Utan

By BPM Pod

Go on, say Orange Utan. Oran-gee Uu-tarn. Orang-Utan. Orrrr-angje Uo-tan. Like many of the great mysteries of the world, we may never, ever know how to properly say this mystical name. (And that doesn't go for us only, but the band too.) Yet Orange Utan know this causes confusion. They know it's interesting. And, in properly refreshing self-referential humour, they don't care. The thing that stuck out to me about the band (I spoke with bassist Soren, and drummer Christian, but I assume the other two are the same) is how relaxed they are. There's no bullshit, no fakery, no nonsense. They're honest, open, and certainly having a wonderful time. Orange Utan are part prog-rock, part punk, part thrash, part stoner rock - it's pretty tough to describe, but certainly worth checking it out. Given the wide range of genres in their music, there's a wide range of topics to touch upon to see how the band got to this point. From talking about the happiness they feel on stage, to the musical ambitions of the band going forward, we had a delightful, long chat touching on far more than what is in this episode. (Some of it got political; we cut that out.) With two albums down, Orange Utan are still going strong, recording their third album and currently touring (coronavirus fuckery pending) in Spring 2020. Certainly a band to watch and track in the coming months and years. To find out more about the band, click here to go to their website. PLUS: You might hear a bit of a different intro song on this episode. Clever listeners will know it is Warren Zevon's 'Splendid Isolation'. Kind of apt given the virus situation. (I hope the joke is well received and royalties aren't claimed.)

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