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By Charles Kelly

Sir Roger Bannister, one of the all-time greats of athletics and sports died today at his home in Oxford. Sir Roger was a great British hero and the first break the four-minute mile barrier that many said was impossible. They said the human body could not survive such a feat. Yet in the year that followed several other athletes also ran a sub 4 minute mile, and the Australian runner, John Landy, beat Bannister's record by 2 seconds the following month with a time of 3:57.9. This goes to show that when we have the belief that something is possible we go after it with a different attitude and more often than not achieve it. There are two things to remember about Bannister’s achievement. Firstly, it was no accident or stroke of luck. He set a goal to break the record, planned and worked his training regime and record breaking race down to the smallest detail. Secondly, it was his ironclad belief that help push him through that tape at under 4 minutes. In my forthcoming book, Yes, Money C

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