Understanding the New Zealand attack

By Vox

Zack, Jenn, and Alex delve into the dark far-right echo chamber that seemingly motivated the New Zealand mosque shooter. They talk about the French origins of apocalyptic theories about nonwhites and Muslims overrunning the West, how those ideas went global, and how Islamophobic nationalists are locked in a cycle of violence with jihadists. On Elsewhere, they answer some more listener Brexit questions — looking specifically at how Scotland and the broader EU are thinking about the UK’s impending break with Europe. Zack shows off his recollection of offensive Steve King quotes, Jenn continues her tradition of doing horrible accents from the UK, and Alex claims all Brexit questions can be answered in three words. Vox’s Jane Coaston has a great breakdown of the white nationalist rhetoric in the shooter’s manifesto. We discuss works by Jean Raspail and Renaud Camus in the context of the shooting. Our former Vox colleague Sarah Wildman also interviewed Camus. We referenced two specific tweets. First, one from Rep. Steve King. And then here’s then-candidate Donald Trump’s March 2016 tweet. The Daily Beast has a great piece on the little girl whose died in a 2017 terror attack in Sweden. YouTube and Facebook have both discussed why their efforts to take down the shooter’s video failed. Sean Illing's interview with a filmmaker who spent months interviewing both neo-Nazis and jihadists. And here’s the piece Zack referenced abouut how ISIS-linked media is already using the New Zealand attack in the group’s propaganda. Aja Romano explained how the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto was steeped in the far-right memes and rhetoric found on 8chan.    Here’s the NPR interview with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd All Worldly’s past Brexit coverage, all in one place! Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon saying Brexit makes Scottish independence even more likely. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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